This example demonstrates the code that is used to get or retrieve the data from server using AngularJS $http service based on AJAX GET protocol. It also demonstrates the capability of AngularJS dependency injection which is used to inject $http service to the controller as it is initiated.

The $http service is a core Angular service that facilitates communication with the remote HTTP servers via the browser's XMLHttpRequest object or via JSONP. The detailed article on $http service could be found on AngularJS $http page.

Following data is retrieved from server. The related code is given later below.

Name Address City Phone
{{profile.firstname + " " + profile.lastname}} {{profile.address}} {{}} {{}}


Following is the JSON data which is retrived from the server. Check out the server side code (Spring MVC) later on the page below.
$http Service & Related Code
var helloApp = angular.module("helloApp", []);
helloApp.controller("HttpController", [ '$scope', '$http',
	function($scope, $http) {
			method : 'GET',
			url : '/getAllProfiles'
		}).success(function(data, status, headers, config) {
			$scope.profiles = data;
		}).error(function(data, status, headers, config) {
			alert( "failure");
} ])
Java Controller Code

Pay attention to getAllProfiles method which is called from $http service using GET

@RequestMapping(value = "/angularjs-http-service-ajax-get-code-example", method = RequestMethod.GET)
	public ModelAndView httpServiceGetExample( ModelMap model ) {
		return new ModelAndView("httpservice_get");
@RequestMapping(value = "/getAllProfiles", method = RequestMethod.GET)
public  @ResponseBody String getAllProfiles( ModelMap model ) {
	String jsonData = "[{\"firstname\":\"ajitesh\",\"lastname\":\"kumar\",\"address\":\"211/20-B,mgstreet\",\"city\":\"hyderabad\",\"phone\":\"999-888-6666\"},{\"firstname\":\"nidhi\",\"lastname\":\"rai\",\"address\":\"201,mgstreet\",\"city\":\"hyderabad\",\"phone\":\"999-876-5432\"}]";
	return jsonData;
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